Six Types of Doctor Videos

Six Types of Doctor Videos

When doctors plan to create videos to market their practice it’s good to consider some of the ways video can be used. Here are six videos that every doctor can use on their website and in Social Media like Facebook:

1. “Welcome to Our Office” – this offers you a chance to introduce your practice to new patients. You and your staff can walk them through what to expect during their first visit. They get a feel for what sets you apart and also hear from a few testimonials. This overview video is perfect for highlighting your practice

2. “Meet the Doctor” – This video is a perfect way to introduce yourself to new patients. Focused on you, your background and what makes you unique, it gives new patients a glimpse into your personality and passion for how you can help them.

3. “Testimonial” – There is power in an authentic patient testimonial from a real person about their real experience in your care. We interview former patients and have them talk about what they liked about having you as their doctor. People love to watch a great testimonial!

4. “Procedure Focus” – Explaining a medical procedure is usually best done with visuals. With this video you can describe a procedure in more detail and address patient’s questions and concerns about all aspects of the procedure.

5. “FAQ” – Great for doctors who want to help new clients feel more comfortable about the care you will provide them. Answer questions that most new patients ask about your practice or address general questions about how to take care of themselves after a procedure.

6. “Specials, Announcements and Promotions” – Do you want to get the word about something new you are offering? This video is great for generating buzz and interest in a new piece of equipment you use, a new associate in your practice or a special seasonal discount.

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Four crazy helpful tips for DOCTORS doing video marketing

Four crazy helpful tips for DOCTORS doing video marketing

Videos can tell a story and evoke emotion – if done right! For Doctors who want to connect at a more personal level with new patients a well-made video can make that happen. Whether it is you, the doctor, telling about what you love about being a doctor, or testimonials from your past patients telling how you make them feel comfortable and at ease, video conveys the feelings and emotions in a way that nothing else will!

In order to catch people’s attention, however, not just any video will do!

GET TO THE POINT – Your video needs to get to the point immediately. Lead with your best stuff – no long boring introductions please! People have short attention spans and will click away if they aren’t drawn in right away.

BE REAL – You and your patients should emote – no scripts or stiff reciting of memorized wording. It must be real, authentic and conversational. A word of caution – unless you are extremely good in front of a camera make sure this is edited for maximum impact. MOST PEOPLE AREN’T so hire a professional to interview you and your patients to get the best soundbites possible.

BE BRIEF – Not only should you get to the point from the start, but get to your “Grand Finale” as soon as possible. Shorter is generally better. If people see that the video is 5 minutes they may tune out before even giving you a chance.

HIRE A PROFESSIONAL TO HELP YOU – Don’t do this yourself unless you happen to have a background in video storytelling. Your expertise is medical. You wouldn’t recommend that a video producer perform their own diagnosis or procedure. So why would you think that making compelling videos is something that just anyone can do??? Don’t skimp on quality here. Some people think having any old video is better than no video. WRONG! Bad video video is just plain, bad. Better not to have a video than a bad or boring one!

Good Luck!

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Video Marketing for Pediatric Dentists


Dr. Milton

Chiropractor in Laguna Niguel CA tells a story with Video Marketing


Dr. Vrzal in Laguna Niguel California recently had a series of videos produced to highlight how he helps patients through applied kinesiology and chiropractic care. The four areas he focus on are: structural, dietary, supplemental and emotional.

Using video marketing was a perfect way to tell the stories of his patients and show how he can bring dramatic life change to people through alternative medicine.

Dr. Vrzal is located in Laguna Niguel, California.

Video Marketing for Chiropractors


Video Marketing for Chiropractors is still a fairly new idea. Video marketing is a great way to tell a story about what you do, what sets you apart and what your satisfied patients think of you. At Green Gorilla Video we are experts at getting your chiropractic practice exposure on LOCAL Google searches with video! We produce high-quality web videos of your practice so patients can meet you, be welcomed to your office and see exciting patient testimonials. Using our highly effective YouTube Marketing Strategy, we get your videos to PAGE ONE of Google!


We combine the best practices of video production and video SEO to get you a result that is unparalleled. Video marketing works so well for Chiropractors because Google loves showing VIDEO RESULTS for local searches.

Video Marketing Reno Nevada


Video marketing is a great way for businesses in Reno, Nevada to get noticed on Google. Most businesses don’t realize how EASY it is to get to page one for their particular business category and key words. In fact, Google LOVES showing videos on page one for Reno businesses and business professionals if a video exists with the proper keywords in the title.

Many businesses make the mistake of using their company name in the title of their YouTube video, but that won’t help them get ranked for anything except direct searches for their company name. If, for example, a Dentist or Builder wants to have their video rank on page one, they should use phrases like “Dentist Reno” and “Builder Reno” in the first part of their video title.

At Green Gorilla Video we do expert video production for businesses, creating 1-2 minute intro videos for our clients. Then we get the video ranked for many search phrases with our highly-effective YouTube Marketing strategy. We work for businesses of all types. Some of the businesses we have helped in the past include:

Plastic Surgeons, Cosmetic Dentists, Bariatric Surgeons, Chiropractors, Attorneys, Automotive Repair, Health Centers, Carpet Cleaners, DayCare Centers, Landscapers, Builders, Roofers, Concrete Companies, Solar Companies, Insurance Agents, Mortgage Brokers, Commercial Realtors, Residential Realtors, Voiceover Artists, Dating Websites, Electronic Cigarettes, Comedians, Water Damage Restoration Companies, Auto Collision, Pest Control, Lumber Mill and many more.

Video Marketing for Reno Businesses works particularly well for industries where the competition does little online marketing. Whereas as a realtor or insurance agent might do a lot of online marketing, auto mechanics and restoration companies in general do not. These types if businesses have a very easy time of getting videos onto page one of local Google searches.

We make sure the video is optimized to include links to your website and contact information throughout the video, with a strong call to action. For businesses and business professionals in Reno that want to dominate the local market we can help them get it done!

Call or email Green Gorilla Video today for the best in video marketing in the Reno area.

Voiceover Actor in Dallas stars in Green Gorilla Videos


Voiceover Actor, Dean Wendt, of Dallas Texas is the familiar voice behind Green Gorilla Video’s promo videos. Dean is best know for being the voice of the popular childen’s program “Barney”.

Cleveland area Cosmetic Dentist uses new technology to help patients


Dr Douglas Voiers, a leading Cosmetic Dentist in Ohio, explains how technology improves the patient experience and speeds up the process.

Mohs Surgeon uses YouTube to Demonstrate Surgery


Dr. Daniel Sheehan, owner of Harmonie Medical in Augusta Georgia, shows the Mohs Surgery process.

Hot Yoga in New York takes off!


HotYoga4You, with locations in Queens and Long Island New York uses YouTube Marketing to get ranked on over 75 cities and suburbs! Owners John and Yolanda Nash have seen an increase in new clients of 25%. The videos help explain what to expect and show great testimonials of life change.