Video Marketing Reno Nevada


Video marketing is a great way for businesses in Reno, Nevada to get noticed on Google. Most businesses don’t realize how EASY it is to get to page one for their particular business category and key words. In fact, Google LOVES showing videos on page one for Reno businesses and business professionals if a video exists with the proper keywords in the title.

Many businesses make the mistake of using their company name in the title of their YouTube video, but that won’t help them get ranked for anything except direct searches for their company name. If, for example, a Dentist or Builder wants to have their video rank on page one, they should use phrases like “Dentist Reno” and “Builder Reno” in the first part of their video title.

At Green Gorilla Video we do expert video production for businesses, creating 1-2 minute intro videos for our clients. Then we get the video ranked for many search phrases with our highly-effective YouTube Marketing strategy. We work for businesses of all types. Some of the businesses we have helped in the past include:

Plastic Surgeons, Cosmetic Dentists, Bariatric Surgeons, Chiropractors, Attorneys, Automotive Repair, Health Centers, Carpet Cleaners, DayCare Centers, Landscapers, Builders, Roofers, Concrete Companies, Solar Companies, Insurance Agents, Mortgage Brokers, Commercial Realtors, Residential Realtors, Voiceover Artists, Dating Websites, Electronic Cigarettes, Comedians, Water Damage Restoration Companies, Auto Collision, Pest Control, Lumber Mill and many more.

Video Marketing for Reno Businesses works particularly well for industries where the competition does little online marketing. Whereas as a realtor or insurance agent might do a lot of online marketing, auto mechanics and restoration companies in general do not. These types if businesses have a very easy time of getting videos onto page one of local Google searches.

We make sure the video is optimized to include links to your website and contact information throughout the video, with a strong call to action. For businesses and business professionals in Reno that want to dominate the local market we can help them get it done!

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