We do video marketing for doctors and dentists. We produce high quality web commercials for doctors of all types and get them ranked in local Google searches. Quality videos tell the story of what you offer, introduce you to new patients, explain special procedures and highlight compelling patient testimonials. They make your website come to life and can display your personality in a way text and photos never could! Additionally, well-made videos help new patients feel emotionally-connected to you and to like you.


We LOVE producing videos for:

At Green Gorilla Video we do TWO THINGS – produce great videos and do VIDEO MARKETING, or YouTube Marketing as it is sometimes called. Effective video marketing greatly increases your medical practices’ web presence – up to ten times as much! Video marketing works well for doctors because Google loves showing video results in local searches. Right now is a great time to jump in while video competition is relatively low.

“Few DOCTORS know that video can get them greater exposure in Local Google Searches!”

We combine the best practices of video production and video SEO to get you a result that is unparallelled. You’ll be surprised at how easy and simple we make the process for you. We’d love to hear from you so call today!


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This short video explains how we help doctors!

Medical Video Marketing

Medical Video marketing is a smart way to attract new patients! A video can introduce you to your new patients, show them what the office atmosphere is like and allow them to watch exciting testimonials from past patients. Video is also very helpful in describing certain procedures. Click on the link to the specialty below for more examples.


Types of Medical Videos

1. “Welcome to Our Office” VIDEO In this video we interview you, your staff and a few testimonials. The purpose of this video is to give potential patients a feel for the office experience when they visit you for the first time. We show visuals of your office, patient examinations and any technology you’d like to feature. This overview video is an excellent choice for doctors who are doing one video and want to maximize their video marketing dollars. Your video will last 1-2 minutes and leave patients feeling good about you and your office.


2. “Meet the Doctor” VIDEO: This video is all about you. We interview you about your background, philosophy of patient care and why you love doing what you do. Potential patients get a feel for you and your personality. Our goal is to make potential patients like you and feel good about your ability to help them.
3. “Patient Testimonial” VIDEO: This video adds credibility to your practice as satisfied patients sing your praises and tell how you changed some aspect of their life. Potential patients will connect with the people they see on the video and the problems you helped them overcome. This type of video can be the most powerful tool in your arsenal because of the strong emotional appeal.
4. “Procedure” VIDEO: This video will allow you to feature certain specialities in your practice. You can explain a procedure’s benefits and highlight your expertise in this area. This type helps patients understand the most important aspects of the procedure so they can be better informed.
5. “Frequently Asked Questions” VIDEO: These videos allow you to address concerns and questions patients commonly have about cosmetic surgery and thus frame you as an expert in the field. FAQ videos are usually most effective in a grouping of five to ten videos.

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